The Mighty Dollar

dollar1The Democratic party recently saw a movement among its voters, a movement that urged the adoption of socialistic policies. People said they supported the movement because business are taking advantage of consumers. They charge people too much money, or do not pay their employees enough. The solution of these people turned out to be tying to elect someone to pass laws that require business to uphold their views. Yet there is actually a simpler and more effective way.  Use the mighty dollar to influence the businesses!

The primary purpose behind any consumer driven industry such as a grocery store is to make money. The most famous of these would of course be Walmart. Many people complain that Walmart has taken away from Main Street America, and say the reason is because Walmart has cheaper prices than mom and pop stores can offer; however, these lower prices would be meaningless if nobody spent their money at Walmart. Returning Main Street to its former glory is as simple spending money appropriately.

The same goes for workers’ wages. If people start only spending their money at business that pay employees at higher than the required wages, an appropriate amount of businesses will adapt to meet the consumers need. This will require businesses to charge more and therefore the consumers to spend more, but that is the power of the dollar. No law can create a situation where businesses can pay their employees more money without finding the money somewhere, and that somewhere is most generally through raising prices.

Choosing how you spend your dollar can also effect how much you contribute to policies you disagree with, primarily taxes. The way a business is set up determines how much they pay in taxes. Large companies like apple are taxed on profits they make, then the money is taxed again when shareholders receive profits, and then the money is taxed again when it is spent. However, with a small business like a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company (LLCs) the profits are only taxed as income to the business owners, which removes a level of taxation.

The lesson to be learned is this: the dollars that Americans spend have far more power than the votes that are cast, so act accordingly!


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